Nebula Gu

Nebula is a rare talent. The best actor understands the need to be prepared and yet remain flexible enough on the day of shooting to be able to take direction and vary their performance. Most actors can do one or the other, but Nebula is one of the few that does both with ease. One of the best things that I can say about her is that I really look forward to working with her again. - Ed Robinson, Writer/Producer

Nebula is a joy to work with. A consummate professional, responsive to direction, unique, beautiful, sophisticated, she brings an intelligence and grace to every role she inhabits. I cherish the opportunity I've had to work with her, and hope to work with her again soon
. - Adam Lisagor, Director

Nebula is a pro - she makes good choices, takes direction, and is very comfortable in front of the camera. Would work with her again in a heartbeat. - Rick Robinson, Director

Nebula was a real pleasure to work with, a consummate professional and a fabulous actress, she did a great job with some tricky material. Would definitely work with her again! - Oliver Riley-Smith, Producer

Nebula was a joy to work with on The Duel.  She was everything you could and would want in an actor.  She arrived on time and was very accommodating.  It was clear she had committed her lines to memory and had spent time developing a character.  Not only was she patient with the long shooting day, but she took direction well and enhanced the project with her presence.  In the future, I would not hesitate to work with Nebula again. - Benjamin Warren, Writer

Born in Shanghai, Nebula was raised in a sunny part of Los Angeles called the San Gabriel Valley. She grew up with a vivid imagination and a love of music. Her love affair with performing first began in elementary school, when she sang in a school production of "Annie Get Your Gun". She went on to sing over the years in multiple school groups, from high school Madrigals to college a cappella. During her years at UC Berkeley, Nebula volunteered for the Asian American Theater Company in San Francisco and helped write/produce various video projects for her church and school organizations.

Graduating from Berkeley with a degree in Economics and Ethnic Studies, Nebula went into the world of business in San Francisco, but her love of the arts soon drew her right back to her hometown of Los Angeles. Her business experience provided an ambitious springboard into the entertainment world, and she discovered an innate love for acting through classes. In 2010, Nebula was featured in a pavilion film for the Shanghai World Expo, which was screened to millions of visitors. Bilingual in Mandarin, Nebula was crowned a princess of the 2010 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown court and attended more than 100 events throughout the city, as well as embarking on a two-week trip to China as a goodwill ambassador.

With a rather unique sort of entrance into the industry, Nebula looks forward to taking on whichever challenging or exciting projects may be on the horizon. She has starred in multiple festival bound projects, webseries, as well as a number of national network commercials. Nebula was featured in Honda's 2012 Superbowl spot, directed by Todd Phillips ("The Hangover"), in which she sang alongside Matthew Broderick.

As a Chinese-American entertainer, Nebula aspires to be a bridge between cultures and communities, both at home in the US and overseas.

Fun Facts:

-Self-prescribed, proven "foodie".
-Once won a hot-dog eating contest.
-Voted "Most Likely to Win a Grammy" in high school.
-Chose and changed her name to Nebula because of a middle-school dare with a friend (both followed through).

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