Nebula Gu
"There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton


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October 2014: I filmed a project for Walt Disney that I can't discuss much about actually :) Be on the lookout!

January - March 2014:
I have been staying busy filming season 2 of Pairings! Please see www.pairingstheseries.com for more information!

June 2013 - I had the privilege to be a part of a fantastic show at the Actor's Key in Burbank - their 2013 International Showcase! I performed my comedy scene twice, once in Mandarin and a second time in English. Thanks to all who came out to support the show!

April 2013 - Just completed a table read for Season 2 of "Pairings"! Please continue to support Pairings Season 1 at KoldCast TV here! The series has been featured in:

2013 HollyWeb Film Festival
2013 L.A. WebFest
2013 Melbourne WebFest
Nominated at the 4th Annual Indie Soap Awards
Webseries Unplugged at the El Cid
Toute Suite

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